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17 Intake RADIO 1963

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Intake Organiser: Peter Duncan EMAIL HERE or 0407 113094

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Making our way to RAD School

There were 43 of us who started out in 1963 , 26 of whom graduated in 1965.

A few left within the first 3 months and some failed after the first and second year at RMIT. They were remustered to Inst or Elec.

Some who graduated  went on to Aircrew etc.

We are in touch with 26 survivors. Three of these do not participate by choice.

We have lost 7 along the way.

Tony “Ats “ Reading (EngRad) in December 2019 to cancer. RIP

Robert (Bob) Matters  (RadTechA) RIP

Graham (Pansy)Sinclair (RadtechG) RIP

John Veitch (RadtechG) RIP

Peter Outtrim (RadTechG) RIP

Glen (Shorty) Stevens( RadTechA) RIP

Alec (Mang) Robertson (ElecFitt) RIP

We marched and marched

Photo Gallery

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Graduating Apprentices

Our Apprenticeships were done

but the Friendships remain forever

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