Queensland Air Museum needs our help

A petition led by the Queensland Air Museum’s volunteers seeking an extension of their existing lease to incorporate vacant land adjacent to the Museum has been launched. As you are no doubt aware, for many years the QAM have been attempting to negotiate the Museums expansion with the Sunshine Coast Council who are trustees of the additional land located on Caloundra Road. Despite eight years of ongoing interaction they have reached an impasse so a decision was made to petition the State Government directly. QAM have been very patient and respectful of due process in their pursuit of a lease extension, but have been met with very little information or feedback including exactly which Department can approve this request. At this point they are no more advanced in receiving a decision despite the recommendation of the 2012 Caloundra Aerodrome Master Plan (10.5). It is now time to get this matter resolved. QAM has been based in Caloundra for 33 years and holds the largest collection of civil and military aircraft and aviation memorabilia in all of Australia but this collection has outgrown the Museum’s current land. It is critical that QAM can be allowed to grow our facilities onto the neighboring land within the local environmental requirements. They are ready to expand. They have a very strong volunteer workforce and local community support and their 380 members have been frustrated for quite a long time with the lack of progress. The Museum sees 25,000 visitors each year, but they find a lot of people do not know where they are because they cannot be seen from the main road. Improving their presence would be a major benefit for the economy of the Sunshine Coast and ensure the Museum’s future is sustainable and that they will continue to be Australia’s foremost aviation museum. They want to expand facilities with large hangers to protect their historic aircraft, new exhibit storage facilities, educational activities, and new restoration workshops. There are also a number of new significant aircraft opportunities for QAM to potentially acquire, but they are not sure if they can say yes because they have run out of room. This would be a great loss to the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, and Australia.

How can you help?

For Queensland residents please sign the Queensland Parliament petition here; For interstate/overseas residents click here to sign the petition: Please only complete one of the petitions. The deadline is Friday 7th August 2020. The combined total of both petitions will help them gain their goal and dream of making QAM bigger and better than what it already is. Please spread this message to friends and family here in Queensland, interstate or even overseas.

Cameron Elmes President QAM Inc. Click here to view the QAM website


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