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You are RAAF History

I have received the following correspondence from MaryAnne Whiting from the History and Heritage Branch of RAAF.

You may be aware Dr Tony Brady approached me with the idea of obtaining details of former Apprentices who would be ideal to interview as part of the History and Heritage Branch Oral History Program. Tony is also gathering material for a future book and background for a potential Air Force News story.

This is to let you know GPCAPT John Martin, Director of the Oral History Program, has asked Tony to put a list together of potential interviewees. As a former recipient of the Air Force Heritage Awards for Literature, and a former Apprentice, Tony is well placed to write the history of the Apprentice scheme and the experiences of former Apprentices.

Although Tony is not attending the Reunion in any official capacity, we would appreciate if you would assist Tony by encouraging members of the RAAF Apprentice Association to share their stories with Tony.

Many thanks, and I hope the Reunion is a great success.

Kind Regards

MaryAnne Whiting

Wing Commander

Deputy Director Community Engagement

Directorate of History and Heritage Services

History and Heritage Branch – Air Force

We are all becoming very aware of our mortality. I am always saddened to hear about the passing of another member as a lot of historic information is wiped out in a fleeting instant. I will ensure that Tony Brady, a 34 Intake alumni, is introduced to everybody at the Wagga Event and I would encourage you all to have a chat with him. This is especially important for the earlier intakes whose numbers meet the UNESCO definition of ENDANGERED.


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