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10 Intake Rosebuds 1956

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Rosebuds Massed Photo

The ‘Rosebuds’ started their RAAF careers  on 23rd January 1956, at RAAF School of Technical Training (RSTT) Wagga Wagga.  One hundred and seventy  teenagers, aged between 15 and 17, were enrolled in 10 Intake, a mixture of Appretices and JEATs.

Each intake was given a nickname by its predecessor.  In  their case the “Doughnuts” from 1955, who gave them the name “Rosebuds”.   There was a definition, and song to go with it, but no one can  remember it in full.  Something about being ‘sweet and smelly with  thorns that stuck into you’.

EDIT "Young and green, sweet and new, wet as a dream and easy to do"  David McKeand

Around a quarter of the ‘Rosebuds’ went on to attain a commission, with the rank of AVM being reached by one. Of the others, almost everyone who did 20 years reached the rank of  WOFF.  

At the final Apprentice Graduation Parade held at RAAF Base Wagga Wagga in 1993, the reviewing officer was a ‘Rosebud’, the OC of  the base was a ‘Rosebud’, and one of the ‘Rosebud’s’ sons was graduating  with that final intake.

Sadly many of the Rosebuds along with their earlier intake compatriots have departed for the big hanger in the sky. But we will remember them.

We marched and marched

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Graduating Apprentices

Our Apprenticeships were done

but the Friendships remain forever

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