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10 Intake TECHAPP Lemmings1993

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10 TECHAPP Group Photo

The tenth and last Technologist Apprentice course enlisted on the 7th / 8th of January 1991, commencing Basic Training with 31 Members at RAAF Wagga NSW.  We came from all states except the Northern Territory. 

10 TECH, as it was widely known, was to be the last course to complete the TECHAPP scheme which began in 1981. It was the first apprentice intake to be affected by the new Tech Trade Restructure. So instead of graduating as either Electrical, Instruments, Armament, Engines or Airframes, two new amalgamated trades were created: Avionics (Whitehander - electrical trade) and Aircraft (Blackhander mechanical trade.) 10 TECH was not only the last but the largest of the TECHAPP intakes.

The Radio Apprentice scheme training had terminated at RAAF Williams - Laverton in December 1992. 

Armament Technicians (Gunnies) were re-established (circa 2010) as an independent Trade with similar Wagga Initial Employment Training to the Avionics Trade.

22 members of 10 TECHAPP “Lemmings” graduated with 15 Avionic Fitters and 7 Aircraft Fitters. Our graduation parade was held on 29 Mar 1993 to coincide with the final 46 TRADE App “Sprogs” Graduation and departure and the Wagga reunion of all past apprentices. However we were not leaving.

The 10 TECH “Last to Leave” remained at Wagga until Friday 21 May 1993 before postings into the field took effect. Postings were to the main operational bases of Newcastle RAAF Williamtown (F/A-18 Hornet), Brisbane RAAF Amberley (F-111 Aardvark AKA ”Pig”) and Adelaide RAAF Edinburgh (P3-C Orion).

At time of writing, after almost 30 years, 6 of the Avionics members remain in uniform, in varied roles, with many others still working in Defence civilian/contractor roles. Sadly, two Aircraft Techs passed away young with a third suffering a serious acquired brain injury. 


Wayne (Tiny) Crichton

10TECH Avionics

24 Aug 20

We marched and marched

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Graduating Apprentices

Our Apprenticeships were done

but the Friendships remain forever

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