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Be Immortalised in Print

Dave Lavika From RAAF Base Wagga has asked a favor (and an interesting question at the bottom), Dave writes:

Congratulations on your highly successful reunion and thank you for the opportunity of posting on your Facebook page.

“Apprentices At Wagga will be a significant chapter in a forthcoming book on the History of RAAF Base Wagga to be published early in 2022. Apprentices covered a unique 43 year niche in the history of the Base and indeed the Air Force. Unique in that they generally joined when they were very young, in that they had to quickly adjust from civilian life, in that they quickly had to learn a lot of skills and knowledge in a short time, that they generally didn’t have a lot of disposable income and had to be creative to engage in varied social and recreational activities, creative in obtaining and maintaining cars (especially as the courses progressed), some courses/individuals were creative in the way they challenged authority and other courses with elaborate pranks, some courses (especially the earlier ones) experienced austere conditions, some forged unique relationships with the community, some formed adversarial relationships with the community and over the years some superstitions borne out the imagination of youth developed. Overall, apprentices were remembered for the skills, positive work values and loyalty they brought to the Air Force on graduation; and the tight lifelong friendships established in those formative years.”

It’s been almost 30 years since the last apprentice graduated from RAAF Base Wagga and things that happened in the apprentice era, need to be recorded and passed onto the future generations. I’m after human interest stories to pass on through this book.

If something unusual happened in your course (other than attending scheduled classes and compulsory sport), there are some unusual events outside your course (eg. Royal visits), some funny moments during your stay on the Base, or some interesting characters whom need highlighting, I’d appreciate if you could share these. I fond that everyone is different and everyone has a unique story to tell.

I can be contacted on or by phoning 0403911661.

Had an interesting question from the Reunion in Wagga....Who was the first father/son RAAF apprentice dynasty? Can anyone help on that one?

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