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Do you Ride a Push bike?

We have just set up a dedicated RAAF Riders group on Strava for those of us that understand that cycling into our senior years is a great way to stay healthy not to mention the mental health advantages. If you have been thinking of purchasing a bike then now is the time. Even with Social isolation in effect you can still get on your bike - ride and share the glory with your RAAF mates.


Combined Effort is a tally of all club riders for the past week

Individual Effort is a list of individual club riders latest rides, You can click on any ride to see more details.

So if you ride for leisure or are still serious about setting personal best times every time you ride. then this group is for you. Road bikes, Gravel bikes, Mountain bikes even, dare I say, E bikes. You are all welcome and encouraged to join.

So dust off your bike, inflate the tyres, follow this link and keep health and fit:

27 Intake RATS Riding at the finish of the 100k Brisbane to Gold Coast 2019. Average speed 35km per hour

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