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History of RAAF Wagga

RAAF Base Wagga was established in 1940, following the purchase of some 300 acres of the

property known as ‘Allonville’ from the Brunskill and Lyons families in 1939 for £12,500. The

base was established to meet World War II needs because of its suitability in terms of climate, geography and accompanying infrastructures.

All the first buildings were constructed out of brick, as it was intended from the outset that this was to be a permanent base. Some of these original buildings are easily identified (the museum at the entrance to the base was the original guardhouse and two of the main hangars). During World War II, many temporary buildings were erected but these have since been replaced by permanent structures.

In July 1940, No 2 Flying Training School, using Wirraways and Ansons, operated from the

base. In 1942, the unit was replaced by No 5 Aircraft Depot, which handled the major

maintenance work on 1686 engines and 602 aircraft including such famous types as Beauforts, Beaufighters, Venturas and Mitchells. Also operating from the base at this time were No 31 Squadron and 5 Operational Training Unit.

After the war, No 5 Aircraft Depot was disbanded and No 1 Engineering School relocated from Ascot Vale. In March 1946, this unit became known as the RAAF Ground Training Unit and, from this point on, became the centre of training for all RAAF ground trades. In May 1950, this was changed to the RAAF Technical College.

On the 12th December 1952, RAAF Base Wagga came into being as did the RAAF School of Technical Training, comprising Headquarters Wagga, Base Squadron and No 1 Recruit Training Unit (1RTU). 1RTU was later moved to Edinburgh, South Australia. Throughout the base’s existence, all personnel posted to RAAF Wagga, as well as their families, have been welcomed into the wider community by the citizens of Wagga Wagga and have always participated in the many and varied community activities.

Although the RAAF has provided instructional training since the early 1950s, it was not until 1985 that RAAF School of Management and Training Technology had its own unit identity on RAAF Base Wagga. Since then, the school has developed the present suite of courses to train personnel as instructors, course developers, training managers, training administrators, and educational officers.

Airmen Leadership Flight was formerly part of RAAFSMTT until August 1998, when it came

under the control of the School of Postgraduate Studies, RAAF College. Airmen Leadership

Flight is responsible for the conduct of airmen courses in the Professional Military Education and Training Scheme. In 1999, the Headquarters for Ground Training Wing was transferred from Training Command to RAAF Base Wagga. Ground Training Wing oversees most RAAF ground training units throughout Australia.

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