We have found the problem.

Updated: Jan 14

Some members reported having difficulties with the website. Particularly the intake drop-down box in the members details form. I have received a response from Wix and I have now been able to recreate the issue.

The drop down box is 109 lines long. Yes there were 109 intakes in all. On my mouse I have a scroll wheel which I use all the time. So when I was testing I subconsciously used the wheel. The problem is when you don't have a scroll wheel, you will only see as many intakes as will fit on the screen. As a work around you can use the DOWN key on your keyboard. But note that the UP key doesn't take you back you the top. Wix will eventually fix this but don't hold your breath.

If you are still stuck then just use 1 intake Anzacs then make sure you send me an email telling me your actual intake. I'll fix it in back of house.


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