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Letter from a Buttercup

Hi Dutchy,

Happy New Year and congratulations for the wonderful work you and your Wagga Wagga associates are doing for the Appies ANZAC Reunion 21. Of Course I am not surprised that the ELECFITTS are at the forefront of operations, ’Good Show that Man’.

It looks like some health problems will curtail my appearance at the Reunion and I will be involved (background only) with No 2 SQN AFA Branch reunion in Melbourne that weekend. This group was formed in 1946 as 2 SQN Hudsons Association and has commemorated their service every year since, changing the name about 20 year ago. I was president for 10 years and happy to pass the work on to a younger team of Vietnam Vets.

I hope that some of the few remaining 5th Intake, Buttercups manage to attend your function in April, but the two Victorians, Gene Bradley Fisk and Graham Henry are unlikely to attend, regretfully. We do pass on our best wishes for a great and successful Reunion and will have thoughts over that weekend of our many life-long brothers ‘In Arms’ with whom we served.

The Melbourne annual reunion is on Sat 23 January at Werribee RSL, 1-5pm, and both Gene Fisk and I have made a pledge to be there for the Buttercups 70th Enlistment commemoration.

Best wishes to you and yours for this new year and many more.


Graham ‘Chook’ Henry

Ph 039570 2186

Mob: 0421 243 036

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