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Letter From Maggie King

Hello Dutchy,

My name is Maggie King you don’t know me but I was reading the Vet Affairs newspaper and saw your article about RAAF apprentice Assoc website and thought I would write to you.

I am the widow of Curley King who was originally from Moorook in the Riverland of S.A. I am sure Curly spoke of you , I met him in Adelaide when he was stationed at Edinburgh after he had just returned home from Butterworth perhaps you would like to know what happened to him after he finished his apprenticeship and maybe pass it on the others.

Curley did a year in Vietnam in 1967 after returning from Vietnam he left the Air

Force and worked for a short time in Sydney with the Dept of Navy going regularly down to Jervis Bay. In 1970 we returned to S.A and Curley worked in Woomera for Short Bros & Harland on Jindivik target aircraft. After leaving Woomera he worked for Rossair at Parafield Airport during this time he obtained a number of Avionics licenses and became a pilot flying light aircraft. After Rossair he set up his own business , King Avionics at Adelaide Airport.

In June 1991 at the age of 49 he had a major stroke which left him paralysed and unable to speak. For the next 28 years he lived in a nursing home in Adelaide. He was able to communicate with a computer by using slight movement with his head and he was tube fed.

However he had a great sense of humour and never gave up and spelt out he was grateful to be alive.

Curly passed away in March 2019

I wish you every success with your website.

Kind Regards


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