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Melbourne Reunions

This from Dick Tracy on Facebook.

To those who have been looking at the photos that I've recently posted of some Melbourne Reunions. The early photos are NOT mine and have been collected by the 'Committee'. Sticks Carlton was the 'Keeper' of all things to do with our reunions until his untimely passing.

I have since taken on the role of holding the collection seeing that I have taken many photos of the later reunions. I do have a DVD slide show of all the photos in my collection that is available to any that would like a copy - for a small cost of which goes to help fund future reunions.

The Melbourne Reunions have been going since 1973 and once consisted of a 'Bucks Do' on the Saturday followed by a 'Picnic' on the Sunday.The Bucks Do is self-explanatory. The Picnic was a family occasion held at Vic Williams' place at Toolangi outside of Melbourne. We no longer hold the Picnic event due to declining patronage and the fact that the children were getting past that age.

MELBOURNE REUNIONS CONTINUE The 'Bucks Do's' continue. They are open to ALL Apprentices - including the Crystal Crackers and JEATS. Non-graduates are also invited. They are held on the Saturday before Australia Day at the Werribee RSL.

Please don't hesitate to contact me HERE for further information.

I hope that this has explained what we're about down here in Melbourne.

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