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Our History, our Heritage, Our Air Force

Monday, 01 March 2021

Now that CAF has approved the Air Force Organisational Directive, we will see the

pace of the transition of the RAAF Museum to History and Heritage Branch (HH-AF) and the establishment of 100SQN, increase. The initial phase commenced on 01 Jan 21, when the RAAF Museum, less the heritage flying flight, moved across to HH-AF. The new OIC RAAF Museum, SQNLDR Mathew Shelley (on promotion to WGCDR) started in late January. Emily Constantine was the Acting OIC until Mathew moved into the job and she has done a great job. Mr Dave Gardner moved into the new Senior Air Force Curator position on 01 Jan 21; Dave will be very closely involved in the development and management of the Air Force Collection.

Simultaneously, 01 Jan 21 saw the new 100SQN RAAF formed as the parent unit for the Air Force’s Museum Heritage Flight and Temora Historic Flight. The new Air Force Heritage Squadron is part of Air Academy within Air Force Training Group. The Squadron will fly heritage aircraft from Point Cook and Temora with its headquarters at RAAF Base Point Cook. Of interest, 100SQN was based at Laverton in July 1942, providing a historical connection to the community at RAAF Base Point Cook. The intent is for 100SQN to be the Air Force’s heritage flying squadron much as the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight is for the RAF. Facilities and Infrastructure.

HH-AF has the lead for the new or refurbished infrastructure needed for both the RAAFM, 100SQN and HH-AF elements at Point Cook. Group Captain Bob Coopes and his Estate Team are working with E&IG, Contractors and CFO to source quick solutions to our lack of storage for our extensive Air Force Collection. In summary, the funded work will include:

Initial program to clean and refurbish 186 and 187 hangars and facilities for 100SQN;

Clean out P104 for urgent interim storage options to allow 186 and 187 to be prepared for flying operations use;

Interim Storage Hangars 24M X 35M for the RAAF Museum restoration team (sized around the Mosquito, one for plant and one for the aircraft restorations);

Continue with upgrade of P197 for artefact storage;

Project underway to source an interim storage capability of a large General Aviation

hangar for undercover option for large aircraft;

Design and concept development underway for new display hangars for the HS-748,

Caribou and P-3 (we are looking at what can be done to cover the C-130 E and H and Bristol


The RAAF Base Point Cook Redevelopment Project has proposed development of a formal plan for a new RAAF Museum display facility in the NW corner of RAAF Base Point Cook (to improve the display capability and public access to meet security and government policy).

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