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The Sunbeams Graduate


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The 89 graduate apprentices of No. 3 Apprentice Squadron [sic] (should be Intake - ed) who passed out from Forest Hill R.A.A.F. Station yesterday, celebrated their success with a lively Graduation Ball at Kyeamba

Smith Hall last night.

With the apprentices, their friends and other RAAF personnel, the attendance passed the 400 mark, and the crowd danced under hundreds of looped colored streamers.

R.A.A.F. and other flags hung over the cabaret tables, and at one end of the hall a succession of pink elephants cavorted about the wall.

Neon sign

These were produced by the pen of Apprentice L. Benson, in poster form. Above the posters was a neon sign, 'No. 3 Apprentice Squadron Graduation Ball,' which will be used by successive graduates for similar balls in later years. This and other neon signs about the hall were specially made in Sydney.

Part of the proceeds have been earmarked for the Deaf and Dumb Institute, and the

Spastics Centre.

Particularly summery frocking was worn by the womenfolk despite the coolness of the evening, with floor-length gowns intermingling with ballerinas. White was a popular choice.

Official party

Members of the official party were: Group-Captain J. W. Black, Wing-Commander Frew and Mrs. Frew, Flight Lieutenant Nilson and partner, Squadron-Leader K.S. Brown, and Flight Lieutenant Mitchell.

Organisers of the function were Apprentice G. Burton (president) and Apprentice P. Jlnman (secretary). Treasurers for the night were Apprentices R. Anderson and S. Abblitt.

Supper was served during the evening in the supper room.

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Thanks Doug,

I suspected that it might be that. Thanks for the input mate.


 Doug Waters
Doug Waters
Apr 03, 2020

I think the writer of the article wasn't very familiar with the airforce structure and has confused the 3rd intake of apprentices with a squadron. When I was there we had three squadrons of apprentices, i.e., 1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year. Each was divided into flights by trade, i.e., Airframes, Engines, Elect, Instruments, Armament and MTF. 11 intake first year flight was divided into six basic flights.


I agree Chris Statham. We would have to ask the early intakes that question. Can any earlier appys shed some light on this please.

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