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Want to be part of History?

Hello All,

I'm researching and will be publishing 'shortly' through History and Heritage Branch a reasonably comprehensive history of RAAF Base Wagga. This will be titled 'A few Sharps and Lots of Blunts' acknowledging the relative short but high impact contribution of the flying training/activities during the war years to the enduring transition to ground training post-war. Instead of facts and figures.

I find history is more interesting through the eyes of others. To this end, I welcome any interesting stories from ex-RAAF Wagga personnel on this site. Interesting stories about the courses undertaken or instructed on, challenges about living and working on the Base, the pranks of apprentices (and others!), interesting cases of discipline, interesting characters on the Base, tragedies and events on the Base, relationships with Wagga Wagga and overall impressions of the Base. Prefer if you contact me by email at

Look forward to your stories. Dave Lavicka.

Amazing photo of Engines and HQ Hangars being built.

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